Mr. Pillay (PANJ) is a professional engineer with a number of projects in renewable energy and infrastructure industry. With over 30 years experience in renewable energy and sewage treatment, we have completed the construction of two 100 million BTU GTO waste-to-energy units in late 2009 in Malaysia at a palm oil plantation near Kuala Lumpur.

As our preferred EPC contractor for constructing Gasifier projects, he provides oversight in the engineering, procurement and construction of the waste-to-energy projects.

Panjalingam Pillay Technical Advisor

Khairoze has been with Alam Avani during the inception phase and has been an integral in finalising the solution in Malaysia. Khairoze has vast experience in ensuring quality and delivery being in the industry for more than 20 years . Having worked in the UK for 5 years , his experience and knowledge has been key in delivery in Malaysia.

Khairoze Ariffin Technical Director

Mohd Nasri has been integral part of Alam Avani Sdn Bhd focusing on exploring new business ventures . He is also double hatting in the role of Financial Controller for Alam Avani since 2016.

Mohd Nasri Sales Director

Graduated from University of Staffordshire in Bsc Hons Computing. He has over 10 years of experience in IT Infrastructure Management managing global industry players. Dev won the Leadership award in 2011 for Hewlett Packard and spent more than 5 years in the Technology development focusing on new technology.

He had an excellent opportunity to spend two years in Constructing and Maintaining Floating platform for Marine usage (Pontoons) and excelled at providing real time exceptional IT solutions .Dev developed a passion for new innovation and technology and solving real world problems and spent more than 3 years working on solutions to minimize waste to landfill as well as helping customer reducing cost in waste disposal.

Dev Kumar Co-founder

Ratna whom has more than 10 years experience in construction and oil & gas is primarily focus in delivering the optimum quality of our services to our clients. His main role is ensuring the reliability , sustainability and scalability of our ventures

m. RAThiNAvel Co-founder